Beggar and the sluts

An undercover music band posing as a beggar and sluts in order to attract clients because just playing music isn’t doing it. Hide the instruments until a potential client is attracted and they have his attention, then take out the instruments and force the gig onto the client. Since they never make any money from music, their fake jobs also serve them well to get some cash.


Hides an african drum in his money cup while his rat Michael hides the sticks in his tail. In reality not even ginger and does not have a beard. If the viewer looks closely they can see it is fake and badly attached with a piece of cheap string that came with a box of chocolates someone threw at him. Chopped off his left arm to be more convincing. 


Plays accordion which she hides in her hair. Carries around her own piece of wall with graffiti to be able to always strike her slutty pose (which she’s learnt from movies) when a potential client comes into view. In reality, much taller and more beautiful and looks a lot less like a dog. Almost never attracts anyone but is very enthusiastic about it.


Has a tamborine hidden in her headdress and a bunch of bells scattered around her dress and tights. Cannot move even a millimiter because the bells make too much noise which can easily give away the true nature of the enterprise and scare away the clients. Hence, is always frozen in the moment.


Her cowhide dress hides both a cow and a huge balalaika. Both are too obvious, thanks to the cow’s happy face and the giveaway shape of the dress. Several times the wind blew her cover and the client ran away…