“Four seasons” painting series


Learn essential elements of art by drawing winter trees.
Think of it as a nude model art class, only with trees as they stand bare-boned and ready for our pencils. This class is for anyone wanting to brush up on or get familiar with art fundamentals. We’ll observe and explore tree personalities, gesture, form, structure, negative space and more and you’ll leave with a heap of studies ready to use in your own painting or drawing projects.

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Spring and its fleeting, transient blossom… In this class we’ll spend time in a cherry orchard and learn how watercolour can help us capture the transparent fragile petals, how to use the magic of values to create blossom, and how to get muted, pastel colours suited for this poetic and ephemeral season.

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Autumn is the season of colours, so come and learn to mix those amazing Autumn colours and paint some trees with me on Skillshare!

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