EXPO – ‘My country’

Come and meet some new inhabitants such as boiled judge and dolphins, witches and desperate animals and an attractive scarecrow.

As well as plenty of good old ones!

Free entry, 21 Rue Du Meridien, 1210 Brussels

20th-30th September:

Monday, Thursday 9am-5pm

Tuesday, Wednesday 9am-7pm

Friday 9am-8.30pm

Closed Saturday, Sunday

Click here to read about the vernissage. Full expo description below:

« Imaginary by their very nature, countries exists as much on the outside as inside each one of us. In this exhibition the artist Yana Knight presents the lives, works and stories of the various inhabitants of her own country. From the melancholic, philosophical and somewhat tragic characters who walk the solitary road to the more clear-headed types who in their pursuit of structure end up living between the borders, stretching the horizons. From the suffering lifelong learners whose excessive focus on training and technique often gets them lost deep in the forests and the swamps, to the vagabonds and travelling musicians whose freedom and desire to meet those unlike themselves are so contagious. Despite their differences, the inhabitants are getting to grips with a life in this emerging democracy where there is space for them all and where their collective union makes them strong… On the voyage across Yana’s country the visitors will discover many familiar sights, tastes and souvenirs… «