The babies!

Chapter 4 (earrings). 1845 babies later, he was free again. Exhausted, he dropped to the sea bed to take a break and soon dozed off. When he opened his eyes, she was once again right in front of him, flashing her eyelashes, beckoning him with her tail. A wicked creature, she was ready to make more kids, and to take the kids away! The pain and exhaustion of pregnancy and labour had magically erased themselves from his memory and once again, he knew he couldn’t resist… (And while in this state, he happily granted her full custody of the kids he had worked so hard to bare and deliver!)Meanwhile survival statistics are not looking too good for those new babies. Approximately 5 in a thousand survive into adulthood! In our case, the surviving 6 babies and sticking together and have found new cozy things to hang on to. Don’t you think they look so much like their dad?!

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