“I dwell in Possibility…” – Emily Dickinson

Mood detecting app

An app that connectes with an Apple watch and detects physical changes in the body: stress, anxiety, excitement before you realise they’re happening. It gives quick suggestions to act before stress sets in, or on how to keep yourself in a happy productive and content state. It learns a model of your emotions, so it can give a warning well in advance, preventing you from having down time and maximising your energy.


Where ideas meet

An idea sharing website where ideas meet and mate. The concept is as such: you keep a digital notebook in the cloud where you record your daily ideas, things you’ve learnt or observed. You can share these and also mix with ideas of other people by crossing over parts of your ideas, with theirs. This is done with an AI technique called Genetic Algorithms. A mutate function will give you a spontaneous idea that could completely change your perspective on the original thought.


Sea-all-around apartment

This is an underwater studio apartment. A se(e/a)-through glass capsule that floats around the ocean, it is perfectly balanced to maintain position and large enough to fit in a small studio. Comes furnished, with the necessary navigation equipment and can withstand whatever comes its way, storm or shark attacks. Now you can really enjoy breathtaking sea views, underwater.