Hello, I’m Yana Knight,

a multidisciplinary artist, researcher and teacher based in Brussels, Belgium and Stockholm, Sweden. My work can be found in the collections of the Museum of Spontaneous Art in Brussels, Russian Cultural Center of Belgium and has been featured in the Dutch Design Week.

I am an associate member of the NYC Society of Illustrators and a member of the National Cartoonists Society.


My work is inspired by the ordinary and extraordinary experience of living a life in its richness, often with a playful, humorous, surreal and absurd streak. It emphasises experimentation, exploration of human experiences, observation and storytelling. It stems from my colourful life, having lived in six countries, passed through many adventures and through different pockets of the world.

My artistic toolbox is shaped by the three corners of a triangle – visual arts, language and (playful) technology. I work across mediums switching between paints, pencils, words, camera, software and code, as well as slightly less traditional options, such as crushed autumn leaves, chocolate sweets wrappers, broken piano notes, toilet paper rolls and pet robots.


I’m currently investigating how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can support my artistic practice in creating new forms of non-linear visual narratives and experiences, but my past artworks have included paintings, installations, collages, photos, sculptures3D jewellery stories, written stories, comics and graphic novels, such as my surreal semi-autobiographical graphic novel titled “My story” and its semi-sequel “My country”.

I teach (a very playful approach to) art to children and adults worldwide in workshops, face-to-face private lessons, in a classroom, online, and even during city walks.

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