My Country Graphic Novel

A copy of My Country on show at the Revolt exhibition PointCulture Brussels just minutes before it got … stolen on the very opening night! People wanted it so bad they couldn’t even wait to steal it!

My second graphic novel, a semi-sequel to “My story”, “My Country” is an almost silent low-budget Hollywood comedy depicting events in the life of a strange and ambiguous character set in motion after she accidentally rings a random doorbell and discovers inside a small medium-sized country.

Encountering its strikingly different inhabitants, she explores her surroundings by involuntarily taking on their personalities and identities, each time changing the direction of her days and the possibilities that present themselves, all the while pursuing the accidental self-imposed mission – to find the obscure character called The dictator, who according to some, doesn’t even exist…

At 236 pages, “My country” is a playful epic quest through terrains, challenges, fluid identities and above all, a life in transition.