Sketch tour of Brussels

Join me on a walk through the historic center of Brussels, passing by the well-known places and little hidden gems. Throughout the walk, we will stop off in multiple places and get sketching. At times I will suggest the spots, other times you will choose something that really speaks to you. I will guide you through your sketches, giving you tips and direction to produce something you really like. By the end of the tour you will have participated in a creative, healthy activity, seen the city in a new light and created several sketches to take home as memories.

The walk will take around 3 hours so bring any drinks and snacks if you think you’ll need them, especially on a hot day.

Sketching materials such as pens, coloured pencils, markers and sketching paper are provided.

If you have any special preference for the materials or want to learn something specific (e.g. watercolours, digital drawing), please bring your preferred supplies

Please email me to reserve:

Here are some examples of “student’s” drawings made during various walks.