“I am large, I contain multitudes,” said the American poet Walt Whitman. Bernard, Eric, Martin and Jacques, are very different but they have two things in common: they are men who all share the same brain … that of the artist Yana Knight.
Yana never knows which character she’s going to wake up as, it is always surprising and this determines the direction of her day or even an episode of her life. These unconscious personality options influence the mediums of her artistic approach and materialize in a diverse set of materials ranging from oil paint to candy wrappers and sand grains of the Sahara.
It is the creations of the four characters with their distinct personalities and aspirations well identified for the first time which will be presented by Yana Knight in her Expo.
Bernard is a sensitive and profound being, with a philosophical spirit. He spends his time in contemplation of existence, cycles and seasons. With his friend, solitude, he sometimes howls at the moon and brushes against depression… But when after a long hibernation an idea arises, it sends him exploding with the energy of an Icelandic volcano towards the canvas. Denuded of any practical sense, Bernard is the most spontaneous of the characters.
More Cartesian, Eric, is drawn to the logical and structural world. He conceives painting only as constructed abstraction. While waiting to see his dream of becoming a great abstract painter come true, he takes care of domestic and administrative tasks, such as the writing of this text. Eric can be arrogant, aggressive, very boring and often as melancholic as Bernard. He is the most active and creative of the four. He often smells bad.
Martin is more classic, if not for his taste for carrot biscuits. He complains a lot. His perception is limited and his artistic approach, too academic, yet he has a mischievous side that he presents here. He suffered a lot at school during his childhood but thanks to that he is a little more trained than others in his execution. Little imaginative, he steals away Bernard’s ideas, without him even realizing it.
Finally, Jacques, born quite recently is a great composer in his heart, even if he lacks musical knowledge and training. He cannot do without his piano. Jacques is the most extroverted of all the characters. He likes going out in search of puffs of oxygen and especially to avoid the other three.
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