(Formerly an Online Airbnb experience)

This class is for any level, even if you've never picked up a pencil in your life (quite rare as pencils are hard to avoid and so if you have managed, please tell me how!) or a super experienced cartoonist looking for new ideas..

We'll start with a few fun and simple drawing exercises, including drawing without looking at the paper, drawing with your eyes closed, timed drawing etc. During this warm up I'll also give you a few helpful tips and techniques so you can easily jump into the cartoon part of this experience.

Then we'll turn to creating a short, simply drawn cartoon, frame by frame, based on your daily experiences with a healthy portion of humour, imagination and a few surprising twists and turns. I'll be guiding you through this part with prompts and suggestions. Advance warning: this part will involve lots of laughter!

You'll leave with a bunch of drawings and a short cartoon story which can get you started on this highly addictive adventure and who knows, maybe even bring about some unexpected changes in daily life...
To book email with your suggested date, time, group size and anything else you want to mention!
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